Baidu Spark Browser Latest Version for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1

By | October 16, 2017

For regular internet surfers, few things are as crucial to simplicity, speed, and safety. It can be a nightmare having to wait seconds, if not minutes, trying to navigate through pages and files online. But this browser, aside from being completely free, lightweight and loaded with an intuitive interface, boasts of a smooth journey on the world of the net. It was established by the duo of Eric Xu and Robin Li in the year 2000 after they both completed their studies overseas.

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Baidu Spark Browser Latest Version for Windows 10, 7, 8,8.1


It’s by far the most used search engine in China and fourth most significant search engine globally based on Alexa record of most visited sites. Barclays also reported Baidu spark browser as controlling 91 percent of the Mobile search market in China.


The browser is stuffed with lots of exciting features and instruments that make it stands out from other internet browsers. These include

Mouse Gesture Navigation

The Baidu browser download includes a mouse gesture that enables users to browse back and forth quickly while still browsing the internet.

Browse Doctor Function

There are a few times when difficulty might be encountered while attempting to begin on the Baidu spark browser download. Baidu got this covered with its own navigate physician. The nature of the challenge has advised the doctor and it, in turn, finds a solution. You can even tell the navigate doctor to decide on the best option from its suggestions for you!

Video Downloader Extension Function

This comes by default using the browser making films and MP3 download very straightforward. It is a substitute for Chrome browser also provides speedy media download. Since the browser is on top of safety, your device is shielded from some third party malware and viruses related to online video download. This, however, doesn’t lessen the value of getting an antivirus installed on your system as some videos themselves have some malicious contents.

Video Pop-up Player Function

This attribute supports and plays an array of video files on web pages. All you’ve got to do is to click the small rectangular icon with an arrow on it in the top right side of this movie, and the movie will be popped out into a floating display.

Page Screenshots Function

Do you need to share a picture of a page on the internet with your buddy or you would like to keep it for future reference? The scissors icon on the menu is all you’ve got to click on, and you’re ready to go. No installation of any third party software is necessary. It’s that easy.

Closed Tabs Recovery Function

In case you accidentally close a tab or tabs you’re still working on while surfing, there isn’t any need to worry.

Facebook Extension Function

You would just need to enter your Facebook account information and you are connected!

Account Syncing Function

Once enabled, you can open some tabs on this browser on your computer and access them straight away from the smartphone or other networks. This, of course, lets you share your data along with different preferences like installed add-ons and reading lists with others.


The program works with most Android and Windows devices. You need to make sure that you download the format that Baidu browser for windows 7 is compatible with your device before attempting installation.


Follow the instructions for setup, and it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes before the browser is installed.


  • The Baidu browser latest version has an inbuilt virus scanner and an anti-virus block that ensure the security of some degrees from malicious malware and files when surfing the internet.
  • It’s an attractive interface that’s user-friendly.
  • Its skin/appearance also is changeable.
  • It’s well-integrated for downloading websites (Video and sound) and launching download manager.
  • Installation is relatively straightforward, and the browser is free.
  • Baidu browser for windows 8 offers many services aside from browsing.


  • As it transmits the information of the consumer (both in the Windows and Android Versions) through use, any in-path celebrity can easily acquire or tamper with these data by collecting the visitors.
  • Therefore, any in-coming malicious agent could cause the program to accidentally download and execute the arbitrary code thereby posing a great security risk.
  • Installing Baidu browser 43.23.1007.94 in your PC may mean that you must uninstall any unwanted adware and toolbars because the application might not support them.


However, Baidu browser for windows is more than merely being averagely okay. The speed, fantastic tools and ease of use constitute one great plus for this particular application. Similarly, in this age of internet insecurity, the in-built anti-virus of the browser stays a cogent reason it can’t only be whisked aside.

The safety issues identified are manageable especially once you’ve got a trusted antivirus installed on your device to match the in-built one.

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