Download QQ International 2.11 for Android and PC

By | September 20, 2017

Prepare for the most innovative and popular instant messaging program on the market, QQ International App. China has picked up the speed to maintain; producing one of the most accepted communication tools. Tencent made this communication app over a decade ago. However, not to worry since it’s gone global, so anybody from around the globe can get the program. QQ international latest version of this program that gives global users access to its enormous Chinese network. QQ International 2.11 Free Download available in some languages. The multilingual supported version permits the non-Chinese speaking population to combine with the over 750 million existing users.

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Download QQ International 2.11 for Android and PC

Download QQ International 2.11 for Android combines useful programs which range from videos and games to news feeds, and users can add more free programs like currency conversion, translations programs and much more which are relevant to travelers. This capability alone makes QQ international for Android instant messaging program well worth adding to your system, even in case you use another instant messaging client for different contacts.

Bid farewell to the ever irritating language barrier. The app can translate to several diverse languages during chats. This fabulous provides users with many features, and QQ International sign up free to download and use.

Key Features Of QQ Global

  • QQ international for windows currently supports Japanese, Spanish, English, French Korean, and German.
  • This common QQ International for pc is compatible with all other Chinese variants of QQ.
  • QQ International has an exceptional immediate translation feature, which translates your messages involving 50 unique languages in real time.
  • The app provides online communication functions like voice and video chat and text messaging. Additionally, it allows for online and offline file transfer and much more.
  • This instant messaging program is free to use and download.
  • Users can take part in a group video chat with up to 20 people at the same time.
  • Users get access to more than100 programs to enhance the user experience.
  • Folders can be sent straight to QQ International; there isn’t any need to zip or compress them.
  • QQ international latest version 2017 is very simple to set up. It provides a current user interface.
  • When users download and start the program for the first time, there’s a handy user’s guide video supplied.
  • The most recent version provides users 1GB storage from the cloud free of charge.

AFor an instant messenger that exceed the criteria. Download QQ international 2.11 that you need to get whether you’re in China or not. If you would like to purchase Premium? Then you may also see below link to encourage the developer.


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